Galvanic surfaces

In Galvano technology, also called electrochemical plating, metal surfaces are provided with a suitable surface coating. The result of the multi-stage processing, with various intermediate steps, is the finished finish surface of chrome, silver or gold.

What is galvanic surface coating?

Electroplating is the removal of metals in aqueous solutions with the help of electricity. The electric current deposits metal ions on the workpiece. As a result, the finished object is uniformly coated with metal. The thickness of the metal layer is dependent on the current and the duration of the bath. High-quality basic chemicals and anodes are the basis for perfectly working galvanic baths.


A professional network

To achieve an optimal result, we work together with specialized galvanic partners from the region. That way we can find the perfect solution for every requirement.

Application areas

Whether chrome, silver or gold – the goal of electroplating is the perfection of surface refinement. In addition to purely optical refinement, electroplating has many other advantages, such as protection against corrosion.


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