Grinding and polishing of all metals by hand

Manual grinding and polishing involves a very specialized and traditional crafting. Years of experience and continuous improvement of processes ensure the high quality of our work. We process your production parts in a variety of shapes and materials – whether as a single piece or in series.


Grinding is the precursor of polishing. The original shape is retained and the production items are neither deformed nor rounded. Afterwards, the material is finely ground until fine sanding is achieved (Grain 400). The final brushing and polishing requires a particularly fine tact.



Polishing is the fine machining process for smoothing the cut. The brushing and pre-polishing serve as an intermediate step before the high-gloss polishing. The result: a perfectly leveled surface – polished by hand.

Especially suitable for:

Individual small series

Production parts that require extra careful processing


A step that requires a lot of experience. We polish your production parts, in defined work steps, to a line-free, high-gloss surface.


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Do you have any questions?

We will advice you personally!