Whether deck, fuselage or interior – your yacht parts are in the best hands when it comes to high-quality work around polishing and refining of stainless steel or brass workpieces. With the latest procedures and the highest demands on ourselves, we ensure the optimal processing of your valuable ship components.

Our customers are from the following industries:

Yacht owners

Sail and motorboat manufacturer

Boat builder

Ship manufacturer

What can we do for you?

Finishing & polishing

We take care of your grinding and polishing of all stainless steel and brass parts! With our wide range of finishing and polishing methods, we bring your ship back to a shine.


Each ship has its own story. Who owns a classic, would like to preserve the often considerable value. Whether it is polishing or chrome plating brass parts, we restore your valuable ship attachments with passionate perfection.

Steering wheels

The heart of every ship. Whether highly polished stainless steel or chrome plated brass – we refine the metal parts of your steering wheel with the highest level of precision.

With attention to detail

Even tailor-made decorative elements and filigree lettering are processed with utmost care and tact.

Examples & References

steering wheel on a luxury yacht

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Do you have any questions?

We will advice you personally!