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Refining of all metals

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We offer a broad portfolio of high-quality finishing processes for metal surfaces. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction and trust of our customers in the consistently high quality of the processing and refinement of their products. With our procedural versatility, efficient processing and tested quality, we meet the demanding requirements of our customers from a wide variety of industries – regionally and worldwide.

The industries of our customers


Machine, plant and vehicle construction

Facade engineering, metal construction and shopfitter


Furniture, armatures and fittings


Ship and yacht building


Rim repair and finishing


Refinement of automobile parts


Finishing of motorcycle parts

Chrome parts restoration for classic cars


Fascination for perfect metal surfaces

In order to meet the demanding requirements of our customers, flexibility and precision down to the smallest detail are required. That’s why we set the highest standards for ourselves in order to achieve the optimal result at all times. Our customers can rely on their products and workpieces are processed with the greatest care and precision. Because the passion for perfection is in our blood.

Yours sincerely, Stefan Behner with team

Our services at a glance

Grinding and polishing of all metals by hand

Manual grinding and polishing involves a very specialized and traditional crafting. Years of experience and continuous improvement of processes ensure the high quality of our work. We process your production parts in a variety of shapes and materials – whether as a single piece or in series. More…

Vibratory finishing (high-gloss)

Vibratory grinding is used mainly in the surface treatment of complex metal workpieces. It is particularly suitable for products which have hard-to-reach places, e.g. Rim stars that can not be reached with polishing wheels. The production pieces are placed in an aqueous solution together with grinding wheels and additives. This causes material removal on the workpiece. More…

Robot-assisted grinding and polishing

Fully automated grinding and polishing with CNC-controlled processing machines for industrial parts in large series made of brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, steel or titanium. More…

Grinding and polishing of all metal pipes from the inside and outside

While outer metal finishing often serves decorative purposes, the grinding and polishing of the inside fulfills functional requirements. As a specialized company in Germany, we process the inside and outside of metal pipes exactly according to your wishes. More…

Concentric circular grinding (Radial grinding)

A precisely center-aligned cylindrical grinding with a brilliant, circular grinding pattern requires a high degree of professionalism and precision in the finishing of metal surfaces. This high level of processing is based on our many years of experience and the particularly high accuracy of our processing tools and machines. More…


Decorative grinding

The decorative grinding of round and flat material gives metal surfaces the perfect structure and is used i.a. for the production of brushed stainless steel and aluminum parts. More…


A commonly used method for cleaning surfaces is sandblasting. Contaminants such as rust, paint, lacquer residues and other contaminants are thereby removed. In general, surfaces can be blasted, matted and roughened. The beam intensity of the process can be finely dosed. More…


Galvanic surfaces

In Galvano technology, also called electrochemical plating, metal surfaces are provided with a suitable surface coating. The result of the multi-stage processing, with various intermediate steps, is the finished finish surface of chrome, silver or gold. More…



Your goods must be delievered reliably from A to B? We take care of this! With short lead times, we take care of the transport of your production parts. Just make an appointment with us for your delivery or pickup. More…

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