Refinement of automobile parts

We refine your individual automobile according to your preferences. We work with the utmost care and with the greatest accuracy to realize your individual wish.

Our customers are from the following industries:

Automobile Manufacturer

Tuning companies

Private vehicle owner

Automotive Workshops

Was können wir für Sie tun?

Finishing of engine parts

Regardless if it is grinding, polishing or high-gloss compaction – we refine your engine parts, such as valve covers, intake manifolds, alternator housings, exhaust tailpipes …

Refinement of interior parts

We also have everything you need for the interior of your vehicle. We refine all metallic elements such as moldings, air vents, gear levers and much more.

Rim repair and finishing

We also offer a comprehensive service for the repair and refinement of rims. You’ll find more about it here.

Gas tank restoration

We remove the lacquer from your automobile tank and derust it both inside and outside. If desired, we phosphate your tank afterwards for a long lasting corrosion and wear protection.

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Do you have any questions?

We will advice you personally!