Concentric circular grinding (Radial grinding)

A precisely center-aligned cylindrical grinding with a brilliant, circular grinding pattern requires a high degree of professionalism and precision in the finishing of metal surfaces. This high level of processing is based on our many years of experience and the particularly high accuracy of our processing tools and machines. With the highest quality and reliability, we convince customers worldwide in the implementation of their demanding projects – from small series to robot-supported large-scale production.

Centrical grinding, brushing and matting

Centric grinding, brushing and matting of metal parts requires the movement of the grinding tool to be precisely centred in relation to the centre of the round workpiece. The application of our robot-assisted system technology enables a constant high quality with simultaneous cost optimization in series production. We are happy to manufacture according to your desired Ra value.





Stainless steel


Processing of a wide variety of round parts

Depending on your specific requirements and the properties of the part, we adapt the production processes accordingly and thus achieve the perfect result for a wide variety of workpieces, such as…



Cover panels

Deep-drawing parts

Turned parts

Punched parts

Cylindrical sleeve parts

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